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Velo News – February, 2014

Hunt For Speed – Searching for the fastest lubes on the planet


“The true hero of this test, though, was Squirt Lube.  It is the fastest drip lube we’ve ever tested, and it actually faster than simple paraffin.”
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Mountain Bike Action – March 2014

“The perfect chain lube: Ask local riders and shop guys what the best chain lube is for your area.  For our dry and dusty conditions in Southern California, where we test most often, we think of Squirt wax lube as a secret weapon.  It takes friction out of our drive-trains and runs super clean.”

Enduro Magazine – September 10, 2013

Chain lubricant may not be the sexiest product for spending your hard-earned monies on, but it is an essential ingredient for maintaining your mountain bike properly.
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O² Bikers – 2011

Belgian mountain bike magazine gives Squirt 9/10
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