Squirt Lube

Bicycle Racer

Biodegradable Bicycle Chain Lubricant

In the world of cycling, chain lubricant is an often-overlooked key component to the performance and maintenance of your bicycle. The efficiency of its moving parts is key to the bike’s success and pleasure.

Squirt has been engineered to address these concerns and enhance the ride-ability of these machines. Squirt is waxed based, 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly and above all, it repels dirt and substances that cause friction and wear on your drive train.

Squirt is not compatible with harmful oils and solvents and should never be applied to a bicycle chain without prior degreasing.

Maintenance of the bicycle becomes a dream with Squirt – just apply, reapply and ride. Very little cleaning is ever needed.

Other cycling and bike products made by Squirt are Bio Bike – a biodegradable bike cleaner, Barrier Balm – an all-natural endurance skin protection cream and Squirt Seal – a long lasting and puncture resistant tire sealant.

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