About Us

sqirt trailer

Mission Statement

The bicycle industry has evolved into a sustainable form of transportation. As such we are committed to complimenting our industry with eco friendly products that are biodegradable, natural and superior in performance.

Independent testing shows our signature chain lubricant has succeeded on all these levels as well as extending the life of the drive train.

We will continue to lead and show the market that it can be done and will be done.
Anything less will go the way of the dinosaur…and it’s Fossil Derivatives!!

Bicycles Are Us

Squirt arose in the cycling world with a group of off-road bicycle riders from South Africa who were committed to innovating the necessary bike products that are both friendly to their bikes and the environment they rode in.

Through constant testing and a life time of cycling in the harshest conditions around the globe, our products are now independently testing and performing above and beyond the trails and roads we use them on.

We have helped to build an industry that is good for the planet and the people that inhabit it.bicycle chain drive

Squirt, and all our distributors are active in and participate in all aspects of cycling. We sponsor professional teams and riders in mountain biking, road cycling, cycle cross and triathlon.

We are passionate about attending events to service the evolving needs of bicycle riders through education, interaction, feedback, and development.

Our future and health, in part, depend on the success of our industry. Thanks for participating.

Enjoy The Ride